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The most important thing we put into our bodies is the water we drink. If water is the most important thing we fuel our bodies with, shouldn’t it be clean and bacteria-free? In Gaithersburg, many residents have well water. Even though most groundwater is deemed safe, it can get contaminated with heavy metals, microorganisms, copper, fluoride, and more!

Don’t think if you have tap water that you’re off the hook — tap water can also contain harmful chemicals and bacteria! Water is the most important thing we feed our bodies — ensure your water is clean and bacteria-free with service from Water Doctor! If you want safe drinking water in Gaithersburg, call on us to get the job done.

We are a family-owned and -operated water treatment company serving the Gaithersburg, MD, area. If you are looking for water treatment for your home or commercial property, give us a call at 877-677-9275 or request a quote online. We will gladly visit your home and ensure that you have safe water to drink.

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Our Water Treatment Services in Gaithersburg, MD

Unsure if your water is safe to drink? Looking to remove contaminants in your drinking water? No problem. Water Doctor is Gaithersburg’s finest water treatment company that offers a wide array of services to purify your water!

Some of our Gaithersburg-area water treatment services include:

With our Gaithersburg water treatment services, you can be sure that you have safe drinking water.

Maryland Well Water Treatment

If you have well water, you run the risk of having chemicals, bacteria, and ground minerals in your water. While many minerals are harmless, there are several types of issues that can cause problems. Some different types of well water issues include:

  • Acidic water – Acidity of water is measured on a pH scale of zero to 14. A pH level below 7 is considered acidic and could result in corrosion of plumbing, brass fixtures, heating elements, and more — not to mention you are drinking acidity! With Water Doctor, we can work to neutralize acidic water with a polyglass tank that hooks up to your water system.
  • Iron water – Does your water leave orange/copper stains in your sink, toilet, or shower? This is because of the iron that’s in your water and water tank. While iron is not harmful to your health, it can leave the water tasting different — not to mention it can stain your expensive plumbing fixtures and clothing! If you have iron water in your home, call Water Doctor today! We’ll make sure that you have fresh and safe drinking water in Gaithersburg.
  • Hard water – Do you often see buildup on your tub, sink, tile, and glassware? Hard water refers to water that has high mineral content. While these minerals do not harm your health, it can be annoying to simply do laundry and remove stains. If you want to get a quote on how to soften your water, call Water Doctor today!
  • Smelly water – Does your hot water smell like sewage or eggs? This isn’t uncommon. It’s simply an anode rod in the hot water tank. When an anode rod has a chemical reaction with well water, it can leave a sewer-smelling odor. Let us replace your rod and leave your water odor free!

To schedule your well water analysis or treatment with one of our experts in Gaithersburg, MD, contact us online today or call 877-677-9275.

Commercial Water Treatment Services in Gaithersburg

Looking for water treatment for your school, church, restaurant, or small business in the Gaithersburg area? Water Doctor has the experience and technology to treat and filter the water in your commercial property. We currently employ three State Licensed Water Treatment Operators and two Master Plumbers to assist clients with MDE Compliance regulations.

These regulations include:

  • State Certified Water Testing and Reporting
  • Diagnosis of Water Problems and Free Quotation
  • Licensed Treatment Operators
  • Approved NSF Potable Water Additives
  • MDE Permit Approval Process

Want to learn more about how we can improve the water in your commercial building? Give Water Doctor a call to get a quote on our services for safe drinking water in Gaithersburg, MD.

Schedule Water Treatment With Water Doctor in Gaithersburg, Maryland

Whether you are a homeowner in the Gaithersburg area looking for well water treatment or are a business owner looking to purify your business’s water supply, Water Doctor has the experience, training, and technology to bring you filtered and bacteria-free water. Besides receiving a water treatment system that’s perfect for your house, you’ll also get a contract that specifies exactly what we’re doing and the terms of service. This is our way to make sure Water Doctor performs with honesty and reliability for every client.

For water treatment, filtration or analysis, Water Doctor is the name to know in Gaithersburg! Call 877-677-9275 or contact us online today to experience the quality service your neighbors in Maryland have been enjoying for over 40 years.


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