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How Does Iron Get in Water?

Iron is a naturally occurring substance in rocks and soil. As it rains or rocks enter a water source, iron is washed into the water. When iron has become part of your water supply, it may turn the water yellow or brown, but in most cases, the water remains clear and it is only the stains after water usage that alert you to the problem. Well water is very susceptible to iron water because of its position underground.

Is Iron in the Water Bad for You?

Iron in well water will stain sinks, tubs, toilets, and laundry with an orange or brown stain. Iron is not harmful to your health, but staining will begin with iron levels as low as 0.3 ppm. When designing an iron filtration system, the following items are considered:

  • Level of iron in parts per million (ppm)
  • pH level and hardness of the water
  • Manganese and sulfur in the water
  • Flow rate of the well pump
  • Estimated water usage

How to Remove Iron from Well Water

Common treatments for iron include water softeners (cation exchange), filtration tanks using various media, and aeration systems. Some competitors combine a softener with chemical injection systems, which rely heavily on homeowner maintenance. Water Doctor prefers using natural methods when possible and eliminating the need for homeowners to constantly monitor or manage chemicals.

For high iron accompanied by acidity, sulfur, and hardness, Water Doctor has designed the superior Iron Guard system. This system is capable of treating multiple water problems using natural methods. The Iron Guard system comes in many sizes and is specifically designed for your water test results and your choices for your home. 

Written Guarantee on Results

Because many companies “undersize” their systems to keep the price down, be sure to get written guarantees on full iron removal along with your water tests recorded on your contract. This applies to both clear water dissolved (ferrous) and precipitated (ferric) iron. The exceptions will be organic iron and iron bacteria, which can be very tricky to treat, but we seem to have good success with those also.

What Can I Do If I Think I Have Iron Water?

If you suspect you have iron water or want to find out just to be safe, you can call in a water specialist like Water Doctor if you’re located in Maryland. We can test your water supply and find out if there is iron present, how bad the situation is, and help you rid the water of iron.

To schedule iron removal services in Annapolis, Columbia, Bethesda, Rockville, Germantown, or throughout Maryland, contact us today at 877-677-9275.

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