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How Do I Fix Low Water Pressure in My House?

There’s nothing better than the refreshing flow of water — especially when it comes to showering or doing dishes. But having consistent, adequate water pressure isn’t just about comfort; it also enhances cleanliness and leads to lower water expenses, since homeowners don’t need to run their faucets as long. When your home’s water pressure is abnormally low, there are many steps you can take to restore it. By taking the time to understand what you can do to keep your water pressure consistent and reliable, you can save on unnecessary plumbing repairs and unusually high water bills.
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Why Does My Water Smell?

Do you have a weird odor coming from your water? Whether it stinks like rotten eggs or bleach, smelly water might have you worried.

The exact cause of water odors can be difficult to determine. So, Water Doctor has created a handy guide to help you identify and treat common causes of household water smells, as well as what to do about it.

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Why Does My Water Smell Like Rotten Eggs?

If there is a rotten egg smell coming from your faucet, the most common cause is sulfur bacteria in your water supply. The bad smell usually comes from a lack of oxygen in a well that produces hydrogen sulfide gas. If you only experience the rotten egg smell when running hot water from the faucet or in the shower, it could be a chemical reaction occurring inside your water heater, not your water supply.

What to do: Because sulfur is a gas caused by the absence of oxygen in the well, the best way to eliminate the smell is to install an aeration system that naturally treats sulphur. We also offer chlorine injection systems that are appropriate for some wells. Our Certified Water Specialist will review your water chemistry and determine the best choice for you. Call now to schedule a free onsite consultation.

Why Does My Water Smell Dirty or Earthy?

If you smell a musty, earthy odor when using your water, it could be from organic matter and sometimes iron bacteria in your water supply. This kind of bacteria is not harmful, but it is a nuisance, as it usually tastes bad. Iron bacteria forms when iron and oxygen mix. The bacteria feed on the iron and create a slime. When the bacteria die, it gives off an earthy odor.

What to do: One way you can effectively treat iron bacteria is with a chlorine chemical feed system. Following up with an automatic iron filter will provide additional oxidation and precipitation of iron, providing easy filtration and removal of the iron particles. Iron bacteria can be especially tricky to treat. Our Certified Water Specialists will help determine what is best for your individual well water.

Why Does My Water Smell Like Fish?

If your water smells fishy, the most common cause is naturally occurring organic material that has made its way into your water supply – this includes elevated levels of chloramines, barium, or cadmium.

What to do: Removing organic material contaminants from your water supply is most effective with the help of reverse osmosis water filters. By using these drinking water systems, the common contaminants like barium and cadmium will be effectively filtered, along with other organic chemicals that may be contributing to the fishy smell in your drinking water.

Why Does My Water Smell Like Bleach?

One of the most common water odors is the smell of bleach. This is caused by chlorine that is manually added to public water for disinfecting purposes. Chlorine is necessary for water treatment; however, once the chlorine reaches your personal water supply, it does nothing more than dry out your skin and give your water supply a bad odor.

What to do: You can easily remove chlorine from your drinking water by using a water filter. You can also eliminate the smell of bleach and chlorine from your water with a reverse osmosis drinking water system.

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Is Water Softening Necessary?

Hard water is a common problem throughout Maryland, leading to spots on dishes, stains in sinks and showers, or even scale accumulations that damage plumbing pipes and fixtures. Caused by excessive amounts of dissolved minerals, hard water is one of the most frequent water-quality complaints, and it can easily be corrected through a process called water softening.
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Contaminants in Drinking Water: PFCs & PFAs

Contamination of fresh water supplies in the United States is an ongoing problem, and whether you have a private well or you are connected to your city’s municipal water supply, it is possible to have any number of harmful substances present in your drinking water at higher than the recommended “safe” levels. One of the most recent water quality concerns has been the presence of PFCs and PFAs in the water supply, due to suspicions that they can harm human health, though their effects are not yet fully understood.
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When Do I Need to Replace My Well Pump?

Replacing a well pump can be a rather large job, especially if you have a deep well. With a typical pump lasting 15 to 25 years, however, it is not something that has to be done often. As a well pump approaches the end of its service life, you may start to notice problems with your plumbing system, such as changes in pressure or higher utility costs. It is best to replace the pump as soon as you start having trouble with it to avoid a sudden failure in the future and the resulting lack of water.
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How to Spot Counterfeit Water Filters

In the last several years, counterfeit products from foreign manufacturers have become common on large internet auction and shopping sites that offer merchandise from third-party sellers. While most of the questionable goods are things like clothing that present little danger to consumers, the manufacturers are now offering items like batteries, electronics, and even water filters, which could pose safety concerns if they are not manufactured to proper quality standards.

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Which Maryland Counties Are Requiring Homeowners to Test Their Backflow Preventers?

Clean, healthy water is important for both your family and the entire community. One of the most significant dangers to a public water system is backflow, or contaminated water entering the potable water system. Special devices called backflow preventers are used to stop contaminated water from flowing back into the public water system, and they are required on most new or recently remodeled homes in Maryland. For homes with testable backflow preventers, they should be inspected and tested annually—and in Anne Arundel County and Montgomery County, this is required by law.

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How Does Reverse Osmosis Work?

Whether you are making coffee, cooking a meal, or enjoying a beverage with ice, pure water is important to achieve the best-tasting results. If your home has water quality problems, one of the best, most consistent solutions is a reverse osmosis system. It goes beyond simple filtering to remove 95% to 99% of common water contaminants, from excess calcium and salt to chlorine, fluoride, and organic materials.

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Why Does My Water Smell?

Water that has an odd odor can be unappealing to drink, and it can often leave you wondering if it is healthy to consume at all. In most cases, unusual smells are perfectly harmless, but on rare occasions, they can pose health problems. Identifying the cause of the odor is an important first step in determining the risks to your health and your available treatment options.
If you are concerned about the quality of your water, our team at Water Doctor can help. We offer complete water quality testing and treatment services throughout Maryland, and our experts can help improve the taste, smell, and quality of your water.
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