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Where Does Acidic Water Come From?

Acidic water can be attributed to acid rain and water which seeps into buried or decayed vegetation. If the issue is not addressed quickly, acid water can deteriorate metal plumbing systems such as lead, iron, or copper pipes, brass fixtures, heating elements, and steel water tanks. This type of water issue can be very harmful to your health, especially if lead is present in your water too.

Signs of Acidic Water

To prevent acid water from having a negative impact in your home, it’s important to look out for signs indicating this water change. If you see any of the following signs present in your home, you should call Water Doctor right away to have one of our professionals assess your water quality.

  • Blue or green stains in your sinks or tubs
  • Deterioration of metal, brass, iron, or copper pipes
  • Rust in the toilet flush tank
  • Metal taste in water
  • Leaks in copper piping
  • Repeated leaks in plumbing fixtures

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Treatment for Acidic Well Water

In order to prevent pipe and fixture corrosion, you will want to neutralize your well water as quickly as possible! With help from Water Doctor, you will be able to neutralize your water in one of two ways:

Natural Mineral Acid Neutralizer – This system uses a polyglass tank filled with a mineral bed of calcium carbonate and magnesium oxide. Once your water has been filtered through the mineral bed, it becomes neutralized and will reduce further corrosion of the home’s pipework. The natural mineral acid neutralizer also comes with a powerful control valve, which periodically rinses the mineral bed. Water Doctor highly recommends this natural neutralizing option and offers services from expert technicians to replenish minerals as needed.

Chemical Injection Feeders – With a chemical injection feeder, a feed pump will deliver doses of chemical according to water usage. This chemical is caustic and must be handled with care to avoid burns of skin and eyes. Due to the harsh chemicals involved with this process, Water Doctor only installs chemical injection feeders at commercial locations where our technicians provide the proper service.

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Has your Maryland well water been contaminated with high levels of acidity? Water Doctor has the experience and expertise to bring your water’s acidity back to normal in no time at all. To ensure the water you consume is safe and refreshing, we only deliver the very best services.

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