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Signs of Contaminated Water and How To Treat It

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There’s no way around it: Clean water is a necessary part of both home and work life. Whether you need it for cleaning household items, bathing, drinking, or cooking, you simply can’t do without clean water! If you’ve noticed any significant changes in your water’s odor, taste, or appearance, there’s a good chance one or more contaminants are present. It’s always a good idea to have your water tested for contaminants, but sometimes it’s just the taste of your hard water. In that case, you would only need a water filtration system at your Westminster home to improve your water!

Are you seeing or smelling the signs of contaminated water? You’ll need water treatment for your Westminster, Rockville, Glenwood, MD, or surrounding area home. Contact Water Doctor today!

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Common Odor Issues With Water

Rotten egg odor

The smell of rotten eggs likely means you have a sulfur problem. Water Doctor’s special Iron Guard System is one of the ways you can remove sulfur and other contaminants from your water, but we’ll make a custom plan for you based on your water analysis. Sulfur is not harmful to your health, but it makes water unpleasant to drink for you and your guests.

Chlorine odor

Some chlorine in your water is okay, but if the smell of chlorine is strong or particularly unpleasant, then there is likely too much of it. If you notice this smell, you should get your water tested to determine the levels of chlorine present. If it turns out the levels are too high, our team can help determine the best water filtration system or water treatment option for you! When chlorine is present, byproducts of chlorine such as trihalomethanes may also be present.

Beautiful woman with grimace beacuse of bad smell. Isolated on white.

Gas odor

Smelling petroleum in your water is rare, but if you do, then you should immediately stop using the water and call Water Doctor immediately. This means that your water is contaminated with fuel, gasoline additives, or petroleum that could be extremely harmful to your health.

Moldy, grassy, or fishy odor

Unusual smells along these lines mean there may be bacterial overgrowth in your water. The most likely course of action is utilizing UV water treatment or well chlorination to eliminate microorganisms and coliform bacteria.

If you live in Westminster, Maryland, or the surrounding areas and have noticed any of these odors, schedule water treatment with Water Doctor today!

Common Taste Issues With Water

There are quite a few common tastes that people find in their water that concerns them. For the most part, the taste is only unpleasant and not dangerous. To avoid salty or metallic taste in the water at your Westminster home, installing a water filtration system will be a big help.

Salty taste

When your water tastes salty, it has too much sodium in it. While this is not cause for immediate concern, consuming large amounts of sodium over an extended period of time can be detrimental to your health. Additionally, those on low-sodium diets should consider drinking water filtration systems that limit the amount of sodium.

Metallic taste

A metallic taste indicates that the water has high levels of iron, manganese, copper, lead, or zinc. Water Doctor has several solutions for treating high iron levels and hard water caused by the buildup of minerals, including water softeners and our specially designed Iron Guard System.

Does your water taste salty or metallic? Call Water Doctor at 301-953-2846 immediately for free drinking water testing in Maryland!

Other Signs of Contaminated Water

Brown or orange stains

If you’ve noticed an orange or brown stain on your tubs, sinks, toilets, or laundry, there’s a good chance iron is present in your water. Common treatments for iron include water softeners (cation exchange), filtration tanks using various media, and aeration systems.

Stiff laundry, soap scum, or mineral buildup

If you notice that your clothes are stiff or scratchy after you wash them or that soap scum and mineral buildup are present in your tubs or showers, you might be dealing with hard water due to high calcium and magnesium levels. Other signs of hard water include soap not lathering properly and issues with water heater performance. Water softeners are a common solution for hard water problems, but we’ll work with you to discuss what’s best based on your free analysis!

Whether you need water treatment or a water filtration system in your Westminster or surrounding area home, contact us today. We are Maryland’s trusted water treatment company!

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