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Educational Resource: Water Contaminant Information

Bacteria – Fecal and Coliform
Bacteria can enter a well through a cracked or non-sealed well cap, shallow wells, and leaks in underground plumbing. Bacteria in drinking water will continue to grow if left untreated. The best solution is to solve the problem at the well, which includes a thorough well chlorination and inspection of the well cap. If the problem persists, an ultraviolet light may be installed. Call our office to discuss the right solution for your water.

Nitrates are considered harmful to infants under six months old, as it is believed to cause "blue baby syndrome." This temporary blood disorder is reversible once the contaminating source is removed. Older children and adults are able to reject the effects of nitrates. The maximum EPA allowable level is 10 ppm. Reverse Osmosis Systems are effective at treating Nitrates.

Lead in Water
The US EPA maximum allowable level for lead is 15 ppb. Lead may leach from lead solder in plumbing or service lines. With well water, the major contributor to this leaching is acidic water. An acid neutralizer system may be purchased to prevent corrosion due to acidic water and reduce lead. For drinking water we also offer reverse osmosis and carbon/KDF filters.

Radon Gas in Water
Radon is a colorless, odorless, short-lived radioactive gas, which is produced by the decay of uranium rock. The gas is considered carcinogenic when inhaled. Radon in water can enter the air, especially where water is agitated or sprayed (shower, washing machine). For every 10,000 picocuries of radon in water, 1 picocurie is added to the air. If you have your water tested; you will also need your radon-in-air level to make decisions on treatment. Water Doctor offers both Air Stripping Systems and also Carbon Filtration to remediate radon.

Radium is a radioactive metal that occurs naturally in rocks, soil and ground water. The US EPA estimates that long-term ingestion of radium in drinking water can lead to increased risk of cancer. A "gross alpha" test may be conducted to assess the presence of radium. Water softeners and reverse osmosis effectively treat this condition.

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