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At Water Doctor, we understand the importance of reliable access to product manuals and brochures for your water treatment and testing equipment.

Our aim is to provide you with all the resources you need for the top-quality products we offer, serving the communities around Baltimore, including Annapolis, Gaithersburg, Edgewater, Potomac, and surrounding areas.

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Water Softeners and Acid Neutralizers

Brands: Fleck (owned by Pentair) and Clack


For over 40 and 20 years, respectively, we have trusted Fleck and Clack for their quality control heads in our water softeners and acid neutralizers. These brands stand out for their non-proprietary systems, offering several advantages to homeowners:

  • Ease of Service: Being non-proprietary means these systems are generally less costly to service.
  • Availability of Parts: Unlike proprietary systems often sold by franchise companies, parts for Fleck and Clack systems are readily available, ensuring no long waits or excessive pricing.

View the Clack Informational Brochure

UltraViolet Lights


Brand: Aqua Treatment Service

Our Aqua Treatment Service UltraViolet Lights are a testament to durability and efficiency. Crafted from high-quality, sturdy stainless steel, these UV systems have been a part of our product line for over 40 years, ensuring safe, clean water.

View the UltraViolet Informational Brochure

Reverse Osmosis Systems

aqua elite

Brands: Microline and Aqua Elite

Our reverse osmosis systems from Microline and Aqua Elite also feature non-proprietary designs. This choice reflects our commitment to providing systems that are not only effective but also cost-efficient when it comes to servicing.

  • Cost-Effective Maintenance: Non-proprietary systems typically have lower service costs.
  • Freedom of Choice: You’re not tied to a single vendor for parts or services, avoiding the premium pricing often associated with proprietary systems.

View the Microline Informational Brochure

View the Aqua Elite Informational Brochure

Your Water Treatment and Testing Needs in the Baltimore Area

We understand the unique water treatment needs of the Baltimore region and its surrounding cities. That’s why our range of products, from water softening to reverse osmosis systems, is tailored to meet the specific requirements of our local communities.

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