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You want your water to taste pure and fresh, but sometimes that isn’t the case. If you notice that your water has an unpleasant taste or a strange odor, it is an indicator that something could be wrong. Water Doctor provides water inspections and testing in Maryland to help determine what the problem is and recommend the best way to fix it so you can start enjoying quality drinking water in no time.

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Well Water Testing Services

The first step is getting your water professionally tested. Here are some signs of potential water issues and how to test for them.

Common Odor Issues with Water

  • Rotten eggs: The smell of rotten eggs is definitely a sign that something is wrong with your water supply. In this case, it likely means you have a sulfur problem.
  • Chlorine: Some chlorine in your water is okay, but if you smell chlorine, then there is too much of it in your water. It is usually not an emergency, but you should get your water tested as soon as possible to determine the chlorine levels.
  • Gas: Smelling gas in your water is rare, but if you do, then you should immediately stop using the water. This means that somewhere along the line your water is being contaminated with fuel, gasoline, petroleum, etc.
  • Moldy, grassy, fishy: Unusual smells along these lines mean there is bacterial overgrowth in your water.

Common Taste Issues with Water

  • Salty: When your water tastes salty, it has too much sodium in it. While this is not cause for immediate concern, consuming large amounts of sodium over an extended period of time can be detrimental to your health.
  • Metallic taste: A metallic taste indicates that the water has high levels of iron, manganese, copper, lead, or zinc.

It is also important to test for nitrates and arsenic as well as gauge the pH levels of your water. While your local water treatment facility works hard to provide clean drinking water, it is possible for water to become contaminated once it leaves the treatment center. Because of this, it is recommended that you test your water annually.

How to Fix Smelly Water

Once you have determined the cause of any taste or odor issues with the help of a professional, then you can begin to solve the problem. Water Doctor offers a variety of services and products for improving your water. Proudly serving Maryland, we offer:

  • Reverse osmosis: This is a filtration process that provides you with clean water. It is recommended for those with well water, but it can be beneficial to others as well. With reverse osmosis, the majority of contaminants are filtered out.
  • Ultraviolet light sterilizers: This filtration technique uses ultraviolet light to kill any microorganisms and bacteria in your water. Because there are no chemicals used in the process, it is a safe option.
  • Acid water treatments: Acid rain can corrode metal pipes and lead to excess metal in your water. Water Doctor has acid water treatments to help neutralize the water.
  • Chlorine: Adding safe levels of chlorine to your well water can help with bacterial overgrowth issues.

Other treatments for bad odors and tastes in your water include oxidizing filtration, ion exchange, activated carbon filters, and more.

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Having clean water that you drink every day is important because not only does it taste better, but it also helps prevent health issues. Call Water Doctor to assist with testing and improving your home’s water supply.

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