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Acid Water Treatment without Chemicals

Have you noticed blue-green stains in your sinks, tubs, and toilets? There’s a chance you’re experiencing a problem with acidic water. “Acidic water” sounds bad already, but do you know what acid water can do to your plumbing or how you can treat it without harsh chemicals? Keep reading to find out!

Why Is Acid Water Bad?

Though acidic water isn’t inherently bad for drinking, bathing, or washing, water with a pH level below 7.0 is more likely to corrode your pipes and leach metal ions like copper and lead into your water supply. If the acidity of your water is elevated, you might notice corrosion of metal fixtures or different types of staining depending on the material your pipes are made out of. Corroded copper pipes are easy to spot because they produce a blue-green stain on your sinks, tubs, and toilets. Highly acidic water can also eat through your pipes, causing leaks in your plumbing system.

How to Treat Acid Water without Harsh Chemicals

Luckily, acid water can be treated using natural mineral neutralizers that balance the pH level in your water without adding harsh chemicals to your water supply. Water Doctor uses a polyglass tank filled with calcium carbonate and magnesium oxide. Acid water is neutralized when it flows through the mineral bed, which is rinsed periodically by an automatic backwash control valve.

This simple system eliminates the need for maintenance by homeowners (unlike chemical injection feeders). The only maintenance that is needed is periodic replacement of minerals, which is performed by water specialists once or twice per year. This should always be done by a professional so that fouled minerals can be removed and the system continues to effectively neutralize water.

Contact Water Doctor for Acidic Water Treatment in Maryland

The experts at Water Doctor can test your water for elevated acidity and presence of various metal ions to determine the best water treatment option for your system. Call us today at 301-953-2846 to schedule residential water testing and learn more about acid water treatment!

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