Neutralizing Acidic Water in Maryland

Acidic water is something that no one wants to have in their home or commercial location! Acidic water not only tastes terrible, it can increase the chances of lead entering your water. If you think you may have a problem with the acidity level of your water, we encourage you to call Water Doctor today to speak with one of our trained professionals about water acid neutralizers. It is important to fix water acidity issues as soon as possible to prevent damage to your home’s pipes and your own health.

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Where Does Acid Water Come From?

Acidic water is due to acid rain and water which seeps into buried or decayed vegetation. Acid water can deteriorate metal plumbing systems such as lead, iron or copper pipes, brass fixtures, heating elements, and steel water tanks. Acidic water can be harmful to your health, especially if lead is present in your water as well. Because the minerals and sediment that can build in your water supply you are going to need water acid neutralizers as soon as possible.

Signs of Acidic Water

In order to prevent acid water from making a negative impact in your home, it’s important to look out for signs that your water is becoming more acidic. If you see any of the following signs present in your home, you should contact Water Doctor right away to have a professional come out and assess your water quality:

  • Blue or green stains in your sinks or tubs
  • Deterioration of metal, brass, iron, or copper pipes
  • Rust in the toilet flush tank
  • Metal taste in water
  • Pinhole leaks in copper piping

Have you noticed one or more of these signs in your home or commercial building? Pick up the phone and call Water Doctor at 301-953-2846 to speak with a technician about our acidic neutralizer treatment.

Acidic Water Testing in Maryland


Acidity can be easily measured on the pH Scale. On this scale, clean water will score a 7 and any score below a 7 is considered to be acidic. In order to assess the pH level of your home’s water, you can use one of three common methods:

  • Use litmus paper – (Typically $1 – $5)
  • Use a pH meter – (Ranges from $5 up to hundreds of dollars)
  • Call a professional– this way you will get instant and certain results

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Best Acid Neutralizer for Well Water

If you have acidic water in your home, then Water Doctor has the best and easiest solution for you. Our acidic neutralizer will treat water naturally, using calcium carbonate and magnesium oxide (the calcium carbonate is also known as calcite). The contaminated water will be neutralized as it flows through the mechanism and the calcite mineral bed is dissolved. A control valve will also be installed on your tank to backwash the mineral bed periodically to ensure it stays loose and clean.

In order to maintain a neutral acidity level, the minerals in your water tank must be replenished on a regular basis. Water doctor’s experienced technicians are able to perform this service, which will typically take place once or twice a year.

Acidic Neutralizing System Specifics

We offer a complete line of neutralizing systems in various sizes and models to meet each customer’s unique home needs. Our natural mineral neutralizers can be used for pH levels down to 3.5.

One large benefit of this system is that it eliminates homeowner maintenance and has a strong, automatic backwashing control valve. This backwash feature is key because up-flow neutralizers and manual backwash units fail to perform in the long run when the mineral bed is not kept loose and clean.

Working with Water Doctor to Test & Neutralize Acidic Water

No matter what type of acidity level your water is at, Water Doctor has the experience and expertise to get the job done. We only deliver the very best services to ensure the water you consume is safe and refreshing.

Contact Water Doctor today to schedule quality acidic neutralizer services throughout Anne Arundel, Howard, Montgomery and Baltimore counties in Maryland!


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