Well Pump Installation in Maryland

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If you live in a house that does not have city water, you likely have a well. While you may have water pouring out of your well into your home’s taps and not think too much about it, a well requires upkeep and proper installation to keep your water supply going strong.

At the heart of your well is a well pump. Without this pump, you can’t transfer the water from your well to your home.

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Well Pump Installation in Maryland

Whether you are reading this due to owning a new property with a well or you are having problems with your current well problem, it is good to have an idea of what could go wrong with your well pump.

Here are some issues you may find happening with your well pump.

  • Low water table – If the town or area you live in is experiencing drought conditions or has been particularly dry, it may be that you just don’t have enough water in your well. If your water supply is spitting, sputtering, or murky, this can be an indication that the water pump needs to go further down into the ground.
  • The wrong pump size – If your current well pump is the wrong size, this can cause issues with water delivery. The pump size needs to be determined by your plumbing system’s size.
  • Over-cycling – If your current pump is cycling on and off, it is likely being overworked. This can cause more wear and tear on your system, causing your well pump to break.
  • Too much sediment – If there is sediment in your water, this can cause excessive wear and tear, slowly damaging your pumps components. This may be dirt, small rocks, hard water minerals, and other debris.

If you are looking to install or replace a well pump in your Maryland home, the team at Water Doctor can help. Contact us today at 877-677-9275!

Why Choose Water Doctor for Your Well Pump Installation in Annapolis & the Surrounding Maryland Areas

When installing a well pump, it is important to have the work completed by an expert. The team at Water Doctor has been working in the Maryland area since 1979 to help homeowners improve their water supply.

All of our well pump installation contractors are certified and trained to install all types of well pumps. Our team will work with you to determine the best option for your home’s well.

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