Water Treatment In Clarksburg, MD

Water is the most essential thing we nourish our bodies with. Because of this, it’s crucial that the water we’re consuming is pure and bacteria-free.

The residents in Clarksburg utilize well water and tap water for drinking—although they are both technically safe to drink, they may still contain things that aren’t necessarily the best. Well water may be contaminated with things like copper, fluoride, heavy metals, and various microorganisms. Tap water can also potentially contain harmful chemicals and bacteria.

Don’t risk relying on contaminated water as your main source of drinking water. Let Water Doctor provide you with clean, bacteria-free water you can trust.

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Our Water Treatment Services in Clarksburg

If you’re not sure your water is safe to drink or if it’s chock-full of unpleasant contaminants, the qualified team at Water Doctor offers a range of services to ensure you’re left with nothing but pure and refreshing drinking water:

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Clarksburg Well Water Treatment

There’s always a risk that the well water you source your drinking water from contains bacteria, chemicals, and minerals from the ground. Some issues you may run across, along with how Water Doctor can help, are listed below:

  • Acidic water – Acidity of water is measured on a pH scale of 0-14. A pH level below 7 is considered acidic; this water could lead to corrosion of plumbing, brass fixtures, heating elements, and more, alongside you consuming it. At Water Doctor, we’ll set out to neutralize acidic water with a polyglass tank that hooks up to your water system.
  • Iron water – If you notice orange or copper stains in your sink, toilet, or shower, it is likely due to the presence of iron in your water and water tank. It may not be harmful to your health, but it typically alters the taste of your water and can stain items such as your plumbing fixtures and clothing. If this is the case with your water, call Water Doctor today so that we can address the issue and restore your home with clean and fresh drinking water.
  • Hard water – Hard water can be spotted in the form of buildup on your tub, sink, tile, and glassware, and it has high mineral content. Hard water is also not detrimental to your health but, rather, it can become a nuisance having to frequently clean your appliances. Reach out to our team to schedule a water softening service!
  • Foul smelling water – If you notice abnormal- and unpleasant-smelling water in the form of sewage or eggs, it likely has to do with your anode rod located in the hot water tank. When an anode rod has a chemical reaction with well water, it can result in a strong odor. For odor-free water, let Water Doctor professionally replace your anode rod.

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Commercial Water Treatment Services in Clarksburg

Whether it’s for a church, restaurant, school, small business, or other building, Water Doctor can provide your commercial property with expert water treatment that will accommodate the needs of you and those you are serving. Having a team of skilled professionals there when you need them is your best bet at ensuring your water is filtered and bacteria-free. Water Doctor employs three State Licensed Water Treatment Operators and two Master Plumbers to assist clients with MDE Compliance regulations, which include:

  • State-Certified Water Testing and Reporting
  • Diagnosis of Water Problems and Free Quotation
  • Licensed Treatment Operators
  • Approved NSF Potable Water Additives
  • MDE Permit Approval Process

For unmatched water treatment services for your commercial property, call Water Doctor today at 877-677-9275.

Choose Water Doctor for Water Treatment Services in Clarksburg

You may be a homeowner residing in Clarksburg, MD, or it could be that you are a small business owner—regardless of where you need water treatment, Water Doctor has got you covered. Water Doctor is family-owned and -operated and has been in business since 1979, and our trustworthy, certified employees have been providing the Clarksburg community with grade-A tap and well water they can rely on for all of their needs. Water is crucial to living a long and healthy life, and everyone deserves to consume pure, filtered, odor-free water. We’ve got the right experience and technology needed to get each job done masterfully, and we will always base our work around honesty and integrity.

Schedule a water treatment service with Water Doctor today by calling 877-677-9275 or contacting us online. We can’t wait to leave you with the clean water you deserve!

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