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Why Is My Water Cloudy?

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When you go to take a big swig of water, you expect your glass to have crystal clear water in it. So when you find cloudiness in your water, it can be rather unsettling! The good news is that in most cases, this cloudiness is not harmful; however, you will still want your local water experts to come out and make necessary repairs to bring that clarity back.

Reasons for Cloudy Water

So why has your water turned cloudy? Most often, this occurs because there is a hole somewhere in your pipe that is sucking in air. The cloudiness is likely just tiny bubbles of oxygen that have seeped in. Now let’s break this down into three main causes of cloudy or milky water.

Air Bubbles in Your Water

Air bubbles can form naturally in both well water and public water systems. These air bubbles are typically the result of increased pressure in the pipes or a drop in outside temperature. These air bubbles are completely harmless and should go away on their own. You should find that after letting your water sit for a minute or two, the bubbles disappear. If the bubbles don’t eventually go away, then make a call to your local water experts to have them come out and make the appropriate adjustments to your home’s pipes.

Sediment Particles in Drinking Water

If after letting your water sit for a few minutes, you find that it doesn’t clear up, this could mean there are tiny particles present. These particles are likely from earthy materials like rocks, sand, and dirt. Having sediment in your water supply is generally pretty unsettling. Call your local water repair service to have this issue fixed ASAP!


Cloudy Hot Water

Is your water only cloudy when it’s hot? You will be happy to know that this is quite normal. Hot water can appear cloudy due to the physics of heating. When water is passed through a pressurized system, this will naturally create air bubbles, making your water look cloudy.

How does this work? As water is heated, the gas that has found its way into the water will escape. When you turn on the hot water from a faucet, the gases will begin to disperse and create the cloudy air bubbles you are seeing. Although this may look unsettling, air bubbles are no need for concern.

Well and Tap Water Treatment in Maryland

If you need water experts to come inspect your water supply in the Baltimore, Arundel, Howard, or Montgomery County area, contact Water Doctor today to schedule your appointment. We have been providing reliable water filtration and water treatment to homes and businesses in Maryland since 1979. Our team of certified technicians has the experience and equipment needed to get the job done right! Whether you need water treatment for a commercial building or your family home, Water Doctor can help!

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