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What You Need To Know Before Buying a Home With Well Water


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Buying a home with a well water system can be incredibly advantageous, but not many homeowners realize all that goes into owning such a system.

In this blog post, the expert plumbers at Water Doctor share key insights about what prospective homebuyers need to know before buying a home with a well water system, so you can make the best decision for your family.

Top Questions Homeowners Should Ask When Buying a Home With a Well

During your search for a new home, it’s important to ask the right questions to ensure the safety and potability of your water supply. Some questions you may want to ask your realtor include:

What is the well’s service history?

Has the well pump been replaced? Ask about any unresolved issues with water supply or quality. Well systems should be checked and tested annually, so make sure your home’s well has a documented history of professional maintenance.

Is the well casing at the base of a tree? 

Look at the location of the well. Roots can grow into a steel casing and would be costly to rectify. Wells that are close to a county or state road can be affected by road salt. Wells near a gas station or commercial facilities may also be affected. 

What condition are the well’s components in?

Have the pressure tank inside the home inspected. Look for rust and listen for rapid clicking, as this may indicate a replacement tank will be needed soon. Be sure the well cap is properly sealed to prevent bacteria from getting into the water supply.

Can I see previous water testing results?

As part of periodic well maintenance, a water test should be conducted to identify any potential contaminants in the water supply.

Benefits of Having Your Own Water Supply

While well systems require thorough inspection to ensure the integrity of your water supply, having a water well on your property can provide many unique benefits, including:

  • Cost savings: Having your own well water can significantly reduce expenses as it eliminates your water bill.

  • Water quality control: With a private well, you have greater control over the quality of your water.

  • Greater independence: Relying on your own well water supply makes you less dependent on municipal water services, which can be subject to disruptions, restrictions, or quality issues.

  • Environmental benefits: Using well water reduces the strain on public water systems and can be more sustainable.

Well Maintenance & Water Testing

Owning a home with a well water system means keeping up with regular maintenance to ensure it remains fully operational and free of harmful contaminants.

Periodic maintenance includes checking the pressure tank air charge and ensuring the well pump is meeting the demand. This is often done at the same time as collecting lab samples to test for potability.

Common Contaminants Found in Maryland Well Water

Regular water testing is one of the most important aspects of owning a well system, as wells can contain many different contaminants. The most common contaminants found in Maryland well water systems include:

  • Coliform bacteria: 25% of wells tested in a University of Maryland study contained coliform bacteria, a potentially harmful contaminant that can cause illnesses such as diarrhea, cramps, and gastrointestinal infections when ingested.

  • Fecal coliform: 15% of wells contained fecal coliform bacteria, meaning fecal matter from either humans or animals was present in the water supply, which can be a significant health hazard.

  • E-coli: 5% of wells tested positive for E. coli, a type of bacteria commonly found in the intestines of humans and animals, which can cause severe illness and infections with symptoms like stomach cramps, diarrhea, and vomiting.

Maryland wells may also have elevated levels of radionuclides, MTBE, and trace levels of pesticides. This is why it’s so critical to test and treat well water systems annually.

Contact Water Doctor for Well Water Treatment & Testing in Maryland

If you’ve recently purchased a home with a well water system, don’t let move-in day arrive without getting your system thoroughly tested.

At Water Doctor, our team offers the comprehensive well water treatment and testing solutions that Maryland homeowners need to regain total confidence in their water supply.

Licensed by the Maryland Board of Well Drillers and Board of Water Works, there’s no team more qualified, caring, or committed to your safety than Water Doctor.

Schedule well water treatment and testing service in Maryland by contacting us online today.

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