Home Water Filtration Systems in Annapolis, Maryland

Are you ready to improve the water quality in your home or commercial building? Water is the most important thing we as humans can put in our bodies, which is why it should be fresh and free of contaminants. Although tap water in Maryland is relatively clean, there can be contaminants, bacteria, and harmful chemicals present in it.

Our family-owned company has been providing quality water filtration and sterilizing service to homes and businesses throughout Maryland since 1979. Whether you have well water or tap water, our team of experts can find the right solution for you!

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Water Filtration for Tap & Well Water in Annapolis

To accommodate the unique needs of homeowners across Annapolis, we offer both reverse osmosis and ultraviolet light sterilizer solutions. Both of these systems work in different ways to provide you with clean, safe drinking water for your entire home or building.

Reverse Osmosis

When you invest in reverse osmosis at your home in Annapolis, a wide range of contaminants from your drinking water will be eliminated—and you no longer need to haul heavy bottles into your home to enjoy fresh, clean water in every sip.

Our Water Factory SQC Reverse Osmosis system will reduce 75–98% of dissolved solids including nitrates, lead, radium, arsenic, cadmium, cysts, chlorine, and more. A reverse osmosis system is recommended for well water because it eliminates many contaminants that could go undetected.

How Does Reverse Osmosis Work?

Reverse osmosis is an effective way to purify water at your home in Annapolis, but how does it work and what are the steps in the process? First, the tap water flows through a sediment filter to remove dirt, rust, and other solids. From there, it flows into another type of filter for removing chlorine and other chemicals. Next, dissolved solids eliminated from the water and impurities are rinsed down a drain. The water goes through one last stage of filtering to ensure there are no strange tastes or odors before it reaches your glass. The final product is clean, delicious, and ready to be poured and enjoyed.

What Is Whole-House Reverse Osmosis?

This is more of a “specialty system” used in cases of saltwater intrusion. A whole-house reverse osmosis system is a very large system that treats water for the entire household. Because water is produced “one drop at a time,” these systems include a large atmospheric storage tank and also a repressurization booster pump. These systems start at $16,000 and need a significant amount of space within the home. Some county health departments do not condone the use of these systems, as they place a heavy burden on your private septic system with the extreme amount of discharge water. For more information on this specialty system, please contact Water Doctor.

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Ultraviolet Light Sterilizer

Ultraviolet light sterilizers are another great option for filtering your home drinking water. Many families choose this system because it doesn’t use any chemicals to filter out contaminants—making it safe for humans and animals alike. So how does an ultraviolet sterilizer work? This unit uses radiation to destroy the DNA of harmful microorganisms, leaving you with clean, safe drinking water every time.

UV sterilizers:

  • Do not require chemicals
  • Are completely automatic
  • Are odorless and tasteless

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Benefits of Filtered Drinking Water

There are many benefits to investing in filtered sink water including financial, health, and environmental benefits. For starters, filtering your water is less costly than buying bottled water and it is just as beneficial to your health. See what other great benefits come from drinking filtered tap water!

Benefits to Your Health

  • Filtered water removes lead—which can impair children’s developing immune systems
  • Excess sodium is removed from your water supply
  • Harmful toxins and contaminants are removed from your water supply

Benefits to the Environment

Did you know that bottled water is the fastest growing segment of the entire beverage industry? That’s a lot of plastic! Unfortunately, these plastic bottles have become one of the biggest pollutants in our environment. With a home water filtration system, you can receive the same high-quality water without unnecessary plastic containers!

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If you would like to learn more about our filtration process or if you would like to schedule a service appointment, call us today to speak with one of our water experts! Whether you use well water or tap water, our team can find the best solution for your home. For fresh, bacteria-free water, schedule your water filtration service with our certified specialists. We have been proudly serving Annapolis, Maryland since 1979. Our team has the experience and equipment needed to provide expert water solutions when you need it most.

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