Manganese Greensand Filters

How Are the Iron & Manganese Removed?

Small amounts of metals are often found in water. Some, including iron and manganese, can cause staining when the metals are exposed to air. If you see stains on your laundry, in your bathtub, or anywhere else that’s frequently exposed to water, you may have iron and manganese in your water. A greensand filter can help remove these metals.

There are specific filters that are used when it comes to filtering greensand, which is the naturally mined form of glauconite greensand. A greensand filter has a special coating of manganese oxide, which oxidizes iron and manganese in the water. Along with the specific filter, a purple powder, potassium permanganate, is required. The powder is to regenerate and clean the greensand filtered media.

The filter oxidizes iron and manganese on contact. Once the water has gone through the filter, the elements solidify and collect in the bed of the filter. These small particles are “backwashed” every few days at a preset time, when the iron filter drains. Potassium permanganate cleans and restores the filter during each backwash cycle.

Water Doctor is the expert for keeping your water clean in your Maryland home. We have been trusted in the community for many years and can ensure that the water that is your home is clean and healthy for your family and your home.

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Will Sulfur Be Removed from My Water?

Smelling sulfur in your water? Greensand filters can remove up to 5 PPM of hydrogen sulfide. It is important to identify the source of the odor with the help of a professional, such as someone from the team of Water Doctor. For example, conditions such as decaying anode rods, which the water encounters after it enters the plumbing, may be creating hydrogen sulfide gas. Addressing these issues will minimize or eliminate the odor.

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Is Maintenance Required?

A filter can last four to eight years, depending on how it is maintained. Every one to three months, depending on the backwash, a few pounds of dry potassium permanganate powder will need to be added to the solution tank. Like many other home systems, the iron filter and permanganate solution tank will require yearly general maintenance.

Our Other Water Treatment Systems & Solutions

Along with manganese greensand filtration, we also provide a variety of services, such as:

  • Water Softening SolutionsHard water is a result of high calcium and magnesium levels, and it can make cleaning difficult. The good news is that Water Doctor offers a free analysis for hard water to determine the type and capacity of the water treatment system you need! With softer water, your laundry will often become cleaner and softer while retaining original color.
  • Hard Water SolutionsIn order to remove the calcium and magnesium minerals from your water supply, a water softener uses “resins” to attract these minerals. Periodically, the water softener uses a brine solution to clean out the water softener system (a process known as regeneration).
  • Iron Water Treatment – Well water is very susceptible to iron contamination because of its close proximity to rocks underground. Water Doctor offers a free iron analysis to determine the type of solution that will work best for your water line!
  • Well Chlorination – It is important for our water to be free of pathogenic microorganisms and bacteria in order to keep us safe and healthy in our homes. One easy way to ensure that your well water is safe to drink is to test yearly for bacteria and chlorinate when necessary.
  • Acid Water TreatmentIt is important to treat acidic water quickly because it can deteriorate all types of metal piping and even the water tank itself. We offer natural mineral acid neutralizers, which avoid the need for the homeowner to handle harsh chemicals.  Chemical injection feeders are used specifically on commercial properties, and the maintenance and monitoring are performed by our licensed technicians.
  • Taste & Odor IssuesTaste and odor issues can stem from a variety of problems. The professionals at Water Doctor will be able to determine the cause of your water’s taste and odor issues and effectively fix them.
  • Bacteria SterilizersWith our ultraviolet light sterilizers, microorganisms and coliform bacteria in your water can be quickly destroyed. This sterilizer has been proven safe to humans and animals, seeing as no chemicals are required.

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We have many services, in addition to manganese greensand filtration, that can help improve the quality of water in your home. We have been trusted by the Maryland community for many years and we have a team of experts who are ready to assist you with your water needs at your home.

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